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Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited

The potential benefits from improved plant nutrition are virtually limitless. With the right plant nutrition it is not surprising that the grower can produce higher yields, better flavoured and greater nutritional content crops of vigour that are less prone to pests and disease attack – goals which form the core of our plant nutrition strategy. It is widely recognized by agronomists that plant nutrition is responsible for approximately one-third of the increase in world grain production. The balance is provided by such factors as better irrigation, improved seeds, cultivation practices, pest control and planting density.

We supply a broad portfolio of nutrition products and services that include both macro and micro fertilizers. We employ information technology and soil and tissue analysis for nutrient recommendation and our plans include further strengthening of our analysis portfolio with advanced tools to measure the actual nutrient requirements and status and deliver customized nutrition solutions to meet the exact needs of the customer. We provide knowledge-based solutions to the vast farming community through information technology.

Our Micro Irrigation solutions are an effort towards facing perhaps the most serious challenge of mankind in the 21st century - lack of fresh water. Our products and services ensure slow, regular and precise delivery of water and agricultural inputs to the crop.

We offer our expertise for taking over total responsibility of operation and maintenance and other specialist services for the management of chemical process plants.

Our operations and offerings have been aligned into Farming Solutions and Nagarjuna Management Services.

Farming Solutions

Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited is involved in the production and marketing of a wide range of fertilizers. Urea, the widely used nitrogenous fertilizer is both manufactured (at Kakinada Plant) and marketed through imports (at Vizag and Kakinada Ports). In the vast Urea market, the brand “Nagarjuna” is a highly regarded and preferred brand by the farming community. NFCL currently markets about 1.4 million tons of Manufactured Urea and about 0.6 million tons of Imported Urea per annum. With the aim of providing Total Solutions to the farmers, NFCL has commenced marketing of fertilizer mixtures through domestic sourcing and has further plans to enter into Phosphatic and Potassic segments also.

The company also markets a wide range of micronutrients and micronutrient mixes like Zinc Sulphate, Mahazinc etc. with emphasis on quality.

We have associated with Haifa Chemicals Limited of Israel and Yara of Norway to bring world class solutions to our customers. We have been importing and marketing water-soluble specialty fertilizers from Haifa Chemicals Limited (HCL), Israel, since 1997. Haifa Chemicals is a global leader in the development, production and marketing of specialty fertilizers offering a wide range of product lines to match the specific needs of different farming programs.

We lay emphasis in providing value-added services to farmers for increasing their farm productivity through technology transfer. We provide latest scientific farming technology to farmers and the required training for it so as to increase their knowledge of agriculture and technology based practices.

We have been partnering with some of the well distinguished names in the global arena like Haldor Topsoe, Denmark and Snamprogetti, Italy.

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